The Thinking Body by Mabel E. Todd translated

Mabel E. Todd: Misleče telooblikovanje/graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin

The Thinking Body, one of the 20th century's milestone works, the first interdisciplinary study on movement biomechanics translatedby Urban Belina.

Emanat News September 2014

Maja Delak: Sramota / Shame (2011)foto/photo by: Nada Žgank

We're launching a new season in September with three guest appearances and three reruns: award-winning performance Shame by Maja Delak plays at Anton Podbevšek Teater in Novo mesto, Matija Ferlin travells with his hit solo Sad Sam Lucky to Dublin's Tiger Fringe Festival, and Irena Tomažin will perform her solo Taste of Silence Always Resonates at Ganz Novi Festival in Zagreb. Rerun of an audiovisual performance Interface Fractures II: Metal by Luka Prinčič this time takes place in Slovenian Cinematheque, Maja Delak will appear with her solo What if in Stara elektrarna, while already the 9th rerun of technoburlesque Image Snatchers will take place at Klub Gromka, their second home. New workshops are coming along with the new season: KlasJE, dance classes, opens its doors in mid September, and the workshop calls are open for Beyond burlesque! workshop with prominent Ursula Martinez (Emanat and City of Women Festival), Vocal Workshop (with Irena Tomažin) and Litlle Danceroom (with Barbara Kanc). New calls already open!

Emanat News June 2014

Luka Prinčič: Razpoke vmesnika II - Metalfoto/photo by: Luka Prinčič

Right before the official beginning of the summer we are announcing a premiere of Luka Prinčič's audiovisual performance Interface Fractures II - METAL at Kapelica Gallery and a DJ set by Wanda & Nova deViator at a Pride Week at Kino Šiška on Wednesday, 16th of June. Also in June there are re-runs of chosen solos from Dance Solos 2014 at Ukrep Festival at Plesni teater Ljubljana (PTL). In June and July there are reruns and guest apperances of Matija Ferlin's Sad Sam Lucky taking place in Split and Prague. In August Ingrid Berger Myhre and Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness are having their residency stay and are planing to present work-in-progress of a future performance The Tunnel. In the end of August the excerpt from school production Avant-premiere '14: The Invisible Body of Space will be presented at Fronta festival in Murska Sobota. Publishing house Kamizdat will publish the album The Invisible Body of Space, with music from the same-titled performance.

Emanat News - May 2014

Urška Vohar: TRI psice, DVA planeta, ENA raketa / THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocketoblikovanje / design by: Alenks Banič

In month of May we announce the premiere of Urška Vohar's performance THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket, three regular workshops and guest appearances of Matija Ferlin's Sad Sam Lucky and Sad Sam Almost 6 at the Transamerique Festival in Montreal. The festival Rdeči revirji in Trbovlje will host Maja Delak's What if. There are also Dance Solos 2014, reruns of excerpts from Avant-premiere'14: The Invisible Body of Space and concerts by Wanda & Nova deViator (Ljubljana, Krško) and Irena Tomažin scheduled for May. Kamizdat will publish two albums, one by Nova de Viator with music from Technoburlesque Image Snatchers and the other from Avant-premiere'14: The Invisible Body of Space.

Emanat at 19th Slovenian days of books

Prehodioblikovanje/design by: Mauricio Ferlin

Emanat with its publishing at 19th Slovenian days of books at Kongresni trg, Ljubljana (14th - 18th April - daily from 9.30am to 7.30pm).

Emanat News - February 2014

Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin: Skupaj²foto/photo by: Public Recordings archive

In March we announce Avant-premiere’14, three workshops and guest appearances. Matija Ferlin's Sad Sam Lucky is on tour in Athens (Transitions: Contemporary Art Festival of the Independent Balkan Scene) and in Milan (Uovo Festival). By end of month Irena Tomažin' album and publication on Co-voicings project is bound to be released by Emanat.

Co-voicings in 2014

Delavnica / Workshop

Successful realisation of the Co-voicings project in Poland and its closure, supported by ECF with partners, in Cankarjev dom, 27-30 March 2014

Emanat News - February 2014

Touring and education program in Emanat for month February 2014. Project Co-voicing with another edition in Krakow, Poland; What If in Alfred ve Dvore in Prague and Wanda & Nova deViator in Maribor at 24th anniversary of Maribor Radio Student.

Emanat News - January 2014

januar/January 2014

The new year is starting with regular workshops (vocal, children and professional dance classes) and re-runs of two solo works: Sad Sam Lucky and What If.