New performance by Matija Ferlin

Matija Ferlin: Drugi sočasno / The Other At The Same Timefoto/photo: Danko Stjepanović

The re-run of the new performance The Other At The Same Time by Matija Ferlin today, the 26th October 2012 at 8pm in Istrian National Theater in Pula, Croatia.

Looking for part-time collaborator

Emanat is looking for part-time collaborator for work on the field of art production and post-production.Working position includes organization and execution of artistic productions, co-ordination of ...

In Memory Laurence Louppe

L. Louppe: Poetika sodobnega plesaby Contredanse

A meeting of translators of Laurence Louppe’s Poetics of Contemporary Dance in Contredanse, Brussels

New book in the Transitions series.

Laurence Louppe: Poetika sodobnega plesaoblikovanje/design: Mauricio Ferlin

A seminal work from the area of dance, Poetics of Contemporary Dance by Laurence Louppe, translated by Suzana Koncut, was published.