Publishing activity

The publishing activity is intended to publishing domestic and translated works from the areas, which are in different, also potential, ways connected with dance and may bring and expand this activity to other areas and visa versa, and which constitute the elements of connections, which may reside also in the dance medium. The publishing programme is opening up the themes, where the chiasm of areas occurs. At the same time, it is committed to topical articulation of contents and elements, which are of pivotal significance for the development and existence of the art of dance, and to the opening up of questions, which present an impetus for further growth of the field. 

Emanat Institute publishes two book series: Transitions and Transitions XS.

Transitions is a book series thematising the interactive area of contemporary art where dance enters a dynamic dialogue with other artistic and scientific practices. Covering different areas Transitions book series includes works through which their authors communicate the knowledge and methods of their creative and theoretical work, thus opening a field of possible perspectives and articulations that motivate the reader for creative thinking. Transitions pursue a research of ways, approaches, and entering points that develop the specificity and individuality of the dance field. It aims to point to potential edges where the areas get intertwined, at the same time contributing to the topical articulation of the contents and elements crucial for the development and existence of the art of dance.

Slovene editions - Transitions:
Mabel E. Todd: The Thinking Body; A study of the balancing forces of dynamic man
Laurence Louppe: La poetique de la danse conteporaine
Eda Čufer & Katja Praznik: Chronotopographies of Dance; Two Inquiries
Mikhail Bakhtin: Toward a Philosophy of the Act
John Berger: Ways of Seeing
Eve Kosofsky Sedwick: Touching Feeling; Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity 
Blandine Calais-Germain: Anatomy of Movement; Introduction in the Analysis of Body Technique
Mark Franko: Dancing Modernism / Performing Politics 
Jacques Ranciere: The Ignorant Scoolmaster, Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation
Julia Buckroyd: The Student Dancer; Emotional Aspects of the Teaching and Learning of Dance

Transitions XS:
Srečevanja glasov - Co-voicings
Jasna Žmak: The Other At The Same Time
Daniel Veronese: Theatre for Birds
Sarah Kane: Crave
Lisa Nelson: Tuning Scores 

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