Emanat News - February 2014


Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin: Skupaj² foto/photo by: Public Recordings archive

Avant-premiere '14: The Invisible Body of Space

12.-14.03., Hall 28A, SVŠGL, Ljubljana, SI

Avant-Première is an annual final production of the Arts High School Ljubljana, which gives the students an organized opportunity to enter and (pre)experience performing on professional stages. The starting point for Pre-Première ’14: The Invisible Body of Space was an important theoretical study The poetics of Contemporary Dance written by Laurence Louppe.
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Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin: The Most Together We've Ever Been

18.03. at 20.00 - Dance Theater Ljubljana, SI

"Absurd, hilarious, vital and critical. Since 2003, Public Recordings’ dance experiments have established that choreography can be the unbridled tension between what is known and what is emergent – while their performances have made the remarkable case that dance can change the way we understand everything. Public Recordings’ ground-breaking performance works /Dance/Songs/, 300 TAPES, relay, Manual for Incidence and The Most Together We’ve Even Been have been presented in Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, The Netherlands the UK, and across Canada." (Public Recordings)
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Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Lucky

15.03. at 20.00 - Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR
23.03. at 20.00 - Uovo Festival, Milan, IT

Ferlin’s performance Sad Sam Lucky is a physical response to the work of the Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel (1904 – 1926) whose confessional poetry is profound, contemporary in its spirit, internal tension and stylistic imagery, at the same time revolutionary in its ideas, brimming with immediate reflections of his personality, deeply touching and poetically invaluable.
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Irena Tomažin: The Taste of Silence Always Resonates

accompanying the closure of Co-voicings project
29.03. at 20.00 - Dvorana Duše Počkaj, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

One-year project is bound to finish in the end of March with a four-day Co-voicings programme in Cankarjev dom with various accompanying events (workshops, talks with guests, gatherings).
The research of folk singing and folk songs through the medium of voice and body will continue with the release of two editions in sound and in words. The release of Irena Tomažin's album The Taste of Silence (with Emanat's publishing house Kamizdat) and a publication Co-voicings (with Emanat's edition Prehodi) is announced for the 24th of March. The two releases will be accompanied by repetition of Tomažin's performance The Taste of Silence Always Resonates.
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In March we continue with education program with dance and singing.

Irena Tomažin: Vocal workshop

05.,19.,26.03. at 4pm, Cepetka, JSKD, Ljubljana, SI

Barbara Kanc: Little Danceroom

Mondays at 4.30pm and at 5.30pm in Puppet theater Ljubljana, SI


open dance classes in Dance Theater Ljubljana. Schedule:
03.–07.03. from 9.30am to 11am - Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik
10.-13.03. from 9.30am to 11am - Gregor Kamnikar
14.,17.,18.03. from 9.30am to 11am - Ame Henderson
19.-28.03. from 9.30am to 11am - Špela Vodeb

Ame Henderson / Public Recordings (CA): Choreographies of Encounter

15.-16.03. at 11.00 - Dance Theater Ljubljana, SI

Ame Henderson’s work with the Toronto-based company Public Recordings draws on choreographic strategies, embodied action, language, sound, objects, framing and architectural space to create a shared language for live performance.
The workshop is open for choreographers, dancers, performers and people with stage experience, not necessarily only with dance background. 
All interested parties are asked to submit upon application a short description of their work activities. Number of participants is limited. Application criteria are regular attendance on both days of the workshop. Please, email applications and additional information by March 12th to agon@emanat.si
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Damir Imamović: Singing ornaments

27.-28.03. at 15.00 - Dvorana Duše Počkaj, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

A workshop by one of the most renowned sevdah singers of younger generation Damir Imamović (Sarajevo, BIH).
The most significant trait of sevdah’s musical tradition is the so called 'melisma'* or decorating with ornaments. Actually, decorating a melody with all kinds of 'ornaments' is so fundamental to sevdah that it became much more than just 'decorating' - this method became the essence of the melody. What is the reason for it, how can we approach studying and researching sevdah, what kind of styles (personal and others) we encounter watching sevdah singers, all thisand more – is the subject of the workshop, led by Damir Imamović.
We kindly ask you to send us your motivation letter, short biography and your contact information by the 15th of March. More information is available at barbara.hribar@gmail.com
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Svetlana Spajić: The workshop of ancient traditional singing, forms and techniques

29.-30.03. at 11.00 - Dvorana Duše Počkaj, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

Svetlana Spajić will present ancient folk songs she learned while studying with some of the masters of this traditional art practice. The participants will have the opportunity to experiment with singing some of the most ancient traditional singing forms. Instead of using words like: tone, note, melody, intonation, much more attention will be paid to the ability to focus, projections of sound, and to listening and hearing, both individually and within the group. Because Svetlana would say that tradition is also a field of immense freedom and it is wonderful to hear singers, who carry this freedom within them.
We kindly ask you to send us your motivation letter, short biography and your contact information by the 15th of March. More information is available at barbara.hribar@gmail.com
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