Pred-premiera'15: Pleši z mano / Dance with me foto/photo by: Nada Žgank

The project Pre-Premiere – evening of young dancers of the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana, module contemporary dance – is an event that takes place every year since 2003 in the frame of school activities and presents the final presentation of students and graduates of the school. These productions present a coming together of students of all four years and provide the opportunity for the students to present their work under the mentorship of their teachers – renowned Slovenian contemporary dancers. The artistic leader of the project aims to comprehensively and aesthetically round off individual dances and conjoin the solos and group choreographies into a relevant contemporary artistic evening with a recognizable artistic expression that goes beyond a mere form of a school production. Until now Avant-premiere was taking place on a different locations in Ljubljana and in different partnerships (Cankarjev dom, SMEEL, Španski borci), since 2014 PSEGSL runs its own theater space. The project is produced by Institute EMANAT, and co-produced by Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana. In this collaboration Avant-premiere 2007-2015 were organized.

Presentation of the programme of PSEGSL, Artistic grammar school, module: contemporary dance

The artistic grammar school, programme: contemporary dance was introduced in Slovenia for the first time with the year 1999/2000. The programme leads to graduation. Since 2010, beside already a traditional event Avant-premiere, the evening of solo choreographies created by fourth year students of contemporary dance is presented publicly.