Urša Sekirnik

performer, dancer and dance teacher

Urša Sekirnik graduated at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in 2011 and also has a diploma in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2014. She is currently working as a performer, dancer and dance teacher. In her work she is looking for ways of finding a common ground with the audience, be it on an emotional level by sharing a personal story (as in her works The visible Illusions of a frozen body, 2011/2012 and The Other Void, 2013) or through (ab)using channels such as blogs (Arriving.Soon., 2011) and web shops (À la Cart Performance Webshop, 2014). In her last piece, RADIO HIT, she explored the relationship between pop music and dance, personal visions of the audience in relation to music hits and ways of involving the audience both in the creative process and final execution of the performance. In 2020 she started a new project Fent Cua / Waiting in line where she, in collaboration with Joana Serra, explores the notion of waiting, specifically waiting in line.


In 2010 she became a co-founder of KUD NUM, a multi-disciplinary artistic collective and production house based in Škofja Loka, Slovenia, that offers creative space for artistic production and contemporary art events in local environment and promotes its work home and abroad.


In 2019 she became part of the La Visiva space for creation (Barcelona), where she, together with Anna Rubirola and Mireia de Querol, manages different activities in relation to creation and movement.

As a dancer she is currently collaborating with Emma Villacecchia in her piece titled Ritmia and with the Barcelona-based collective Big Bouncers in their pieces O.V.N.I. and Jungle. She collaborated with Aja Zupanec in her project Liter of Glitter. In the past, she performed in Jerome Bel’s work The Show Must Go On and has been collaborating with Nina Jan (Slovenia), Joana Serra (Spain), Collectif PoPs (Spain), Phoebe Osborne (USA), Jordi Ferreiro (Spain), Carolina Alejos and Silvia Elgarrista (Spain), among others.

She has been invited to several residencies (New Dance Alliance New York; nunArt, Barcelona; tragantDansa, Barcelona; Muelle3, Bilbao; Estruch Sabadell, Spain; CUK Kino Šiška, Ljubljana; CC Albareda, Barcelona; Dance Theatre Ljubljana; Moveo, Barcelona,...) and developed her work in collaboration with national and international centers (Emanat, Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana; CUK Kino Šiška, Ljubljana; Zavod Bunker, Ljubljana; Eye Amsterdam; Drugo More, Rijeka; Antic Teatre, Barcelona…)