Jou Serra Forasté

Interdiciplinary creator who works with light, space and body

Jou Serra

Jou Serra Forasté (1984) ia an interdiciplinary creator who works with light, space and body in the performing arts and installation. Degree in “Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance” 2010, in contemporary dance and composition; and finished studies at “Escenica Técnica Granada 2012 in light technician. She continues studing with Irma Marco in art installation and with Ana Rovira, Thomas Bourreaus and Valentín Álvarez on light design. 

Light designer in the fields of contemporary dance, new circus and new dramaturgies. She has worked with Pep Pla y Miriam Iscla, Big Bouncers, Federica Porello, Roser López, Magí Serra, Joan Català, Urša Sekirnik, Pollo Campero, Marcio Cannabarro, Laia Santanach, Joao Lima, among others.

Since 2018 has been co-director of Animal Religion company with Quim Girón (founder) and Joan Cot Ros. From the beginning she has been part of the company as a light designer, technical director and performed in one show.

In 2019 begins the project “ Range of grey – In between “ with the intention of researching and conceptually merge light, gender and body on new prespective in scenic dramaturgy. Allways with the interest of opening doors and diversities in the thought of light and new performativites.