New performance by Matija Ferlin


Matija Ferlin: Drugi sočasno / The Other At The Same Time foto/photo: Danko Stjepanović
The other at the same time is an experimental dance project based on a system researched in first group piece created by choreographer Matija Ferlin called Onformance. The intention of this project is to expand movement research and include the originality that written play brings once has been performed in relationship with the specific researched movement. Such principle evokes novelty for play-writers as well as for performers.

25.10.2012 - Istrian National Theater, Pula HR
Ponovitve predstave:
26.10.2012 -  Istrian National Theater, Pula HR
17.01.2013 - Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI
18.01.2013 - Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI