Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Revisited

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

self-immersion and release of emotions, abandonment of all theatricality and spectacular excesses, bringing the viewer into the state of the performer, the state of the performance, the state of "playing"

Matija Ferlin: Solitaires

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

the story of the decadence of nine women, aristocratic manners and customs, living in an unknown space and time in the future

Ingrid Berger Myhre: Blanks

dance performance
Plesni in gledališki center, SVŠGL, Ljubljana, SI

how we read and project meaning onto things, situations or people through subtle plot twists that leave you to fill in the blanks

Lasse Passage

Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

Through songs with a distinct sonic environment the subject of love is treated with black humor and cynic melancholia.