Jan Rozman: ƒ(being)

Studio14, Uferstudios, Berlin, DE

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Luka Prinčič: Interface Fractures IF4Q

audio-visual performance
Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana, SI

About Interface Fractures is a series of audiovisual explorations Luka Prinčič has been developing in collaboration with the Slovenian Cinematheque since 2013. The series&rsquo; cinema-sound episodes share the same method and format: an immersive situation in the darkness of the cinema, the use of digital and open source tools for generating image and sound, a dichotomy between fixed composition and improvisation in time, a tendency for abstraction out of which fragments of the concrete ari ...

The Exquisite Corpse /Janašković, Rozman/

Dance-performative research
SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

The Exquisite Corpse comprises two choreographic miniatures: Archive: Deep Spin Fryer Dryer by Sara Janašković and Groove by Jan Rozman. The research is part of Emanat’s young authors’ projects intended to researching stage language.

Daniel Petković: Terra umbilicus

Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Stara pošta, Ljubljana, SI

This process-based hybrid performance offers a glimpse of the uniqueness of a seemingly fragile inner world of the individual who is wandering the complexities of the modern society in search of his centre, trying to find the long-lost “navel of the world”.

Urška Vohar: THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket

physical theater
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

New production by Urška Vohar, THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket, is a satirical collection of diverse excerpts from the industries of culture and entertainment. Inherent in reality on a precipitous slope.

Luka Prinčič: Interface fractures

a/v performance
Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana, SI

Solo audio-visual performance deals with fractures, cracks and openings of contemporary medium - which is considered to be the multitude of interfaces between humans and machines.