BODHI Project: Matija Ferlin - students of harmony


BODHI Project: Matija Ferlin - študenti harmonije / students of harmony foto/photo by: photo by SensoReye Production


In the new choreographic work students of harmony, created for SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT, Ferlin investigated the potentials of harmony while redefining ways to articulate between set and improvised movement material. This hour long group work, underscored by Clara Rockmore's music, offers a playlist of edgy, raw and turbulent movement structures embodied by dancers' physicality and performative endurance. "students of harmony" continues the formal research entitled Equalizing, a movement system developed by Ferlin for The Other At The Same Time, his most recent group piece.

Matija Ferlin’s work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and atypical experience. Trained in media and graphic arts, theatre and dance, he lived in Amsterdam and Berlin before returning to Croatia where he was born in 1982. He has four short films and five exhibits to his credit, in addition to a dozen performances including solo works where he recounts the changing nature of his personal and professional identity. Since 2004 he has been presenting his work in Europe and North and South America. In 2011 he was rated one of the best choreographers of the year by the New York publication V Magazine. 

SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) was founded in 1993 by Susan Quinn as a center for training contemporary dancers and choreographers as well as a vibrant space that provides the public performances and education in contemporary dance art. SEAD today is an accredited academy with more than 100 international students and artists in residence. SEAD offers a four year undergraduate professional dance education program and two one year postgraduate programs for choreographers and dancers. SEAD is a meeting point for experimental collaborations, residencies, and performances. As a cultural space open for the general public SEAD offers an educational program for adults and children and organizes various events in the field of contemporary dance and performance art.

BODHI PROJECT was founded in 2008 by Susan Quinn as a postgraduate contemporary dance company in residence at SEAD in Salzburg, Austria. The company is designed for students who have successfully completed a professional dance program or are in their last year of studies. BODHI PROJECT is conceived to bridge the student and the professional field with its focus on creation and performing. BODHI PROJECT supports young professional dancers and new choreography.


Concept and choreography: Matija Ferlin
Choreographed and performed by: BODHI PROJECT with Emmi Väisänen, Erica Badgeley, Shin Young Jun, Federico Valenti, Hugo Le Brigand, Manuela Calleja, Yali Rivlin 
Music by: Clara Rockmore
Light/Set Design: Matija Ferlin
Costume Design: Matija Ferlin


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