Dr. Bojana Kunst (SI/DE) & Dr. Paula Caspao (FR/PT): Choreography practices

an open discussion on the affirmation of choreography practices and procedures

Gibanica oblikovanje/design by: Mina Fina


In the context of this year’s Gibanica, an open discussion on the affirmation of choreography practices and procedures will be held through the views and work of two exceptional guests: Bojana Kunst, PhD, a philosopher, dramatist and theoretician, and Paula Caspão, PhD, a writer, researcher and dramatist. The open discussion is
aimed at the direct implementation of Slovenian choreography practices and procedures, their articulation and
broader social affirmation. The event is organised in collaboration with the Association for Contemporary
Dance Slovenia and within the annual project “Methodologies of Notation of Choreography Practices” [Emanat Institute].

On notation
“Every dance and choreographic work develops a special knowledge that will be referred to in our discussion as
‘choreographic practice’. This knowledge - the same as a dance performance itself - appears to be evasive and elusive. There have been many attempts in dance history to look at how to find a form of notation for this knowledge - how to make it visible and above all, durable.

But this is a highly ambiguous aspiration; on the one hand notation establishes hierarchic choreography systems and privileges of knowledge whilst on the other, it opens the possibility of historisation of practices that are not always related to words and language but rather to different modes of embodiment, collaboration, the vital release of forces, the possibility of rhythm and structure, the materiality of work and the passage of time. Because of all
this, choreographic practice might bring confusion to the organisational practices of archiving and documentation
because it points to the diversity of equivalent choreographic proposals and activities which forces every notation
to simultaneously invent a system of writing, listening and watching.

The lecture and following discussion will address some recent attempts at documenting dance and thereby open the discussion to consider methodologies and modes of movement through knowledge and experience of choreography.” Bojana Kunst


Collaboration: Festival Moving-cake, Emanat
Financially supported: City Municipality Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS

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