Study Lesson of Contemporary Dance - modules

to achieve a greater level of understanding of dance and arts

Učna ura sodobnega plesa /Study Lesson of Contemporary Dance

The format of the dance lesson is conceived as a set of dance contents of different scopes, for different opportunities and spaces. Presentation formats include both practical demonstrations and theoretical insights into contemporary dance in the form of “tools for use”.

Previous events

  1. , OŠ Kašelj, Ljubljana, SI
  2. , OŠ Šentjernej, SI
  3. , OŠ Šentjernej, SI
  4. , Kulturni bazar 2018, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI
  5. , III. gimnazija, Maribor, SI
  6. , III. gimnazija, Maribor, SI
  7. , III. gimnazija, Maribor, SI
  8. , Kulturni bazar, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI
  9. , Karantena, Maribor, SI
  10. , Karantena, Maribor, SI
  11. , IDOCDE Symposium, Wien, AT
  12. , Kulturni bazar, Cankarjev dom