Blandine Calais-Germain: Anatomy of yoga


Blandine Calais-Germain: Anatomija joge oblikovanje/design: Mauricio Ferlin

ISBN: 9789619364338

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Nr. of pages: 224


From pose to pose during yoga, the muscles guide the bones, maintain the joints, protect the nerves, suspend or lift parts of the body – their roles are quite varied.
To this end, they must be both strong and supple, able to relax, to stretch, or to combine several functions to coordinate their actions. A well-designed yoga practice can gradually develop these different qualities within the muscles.
Anatomy of Yoga is a guide to the different roles played by the muscles in yoga practice. Through helpful examples the reader is able to distinguish and understand their various roles. This leads to a more enlightened and beneficial yoga experience.

The author of the book Blandine Calais-Germain, dancer and dance pedagogue, was educated in the Montessori Method and later continued her studies of kinesiotherapy, which she completed in 1980. During her studies Calais-Germain was particularly interested in anatomy, which is usually considered boring and dreary; however the author has succeeded to present it in a simple, vivid, and easily accessible way, also to the lay reader.


Translation: Sara Jeromel
Proofreading: Postulat, s.p.
Verification: Maja Kalafatić
Series editor: Maja Delak
Graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin
Correction: Mario Batelić
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Publishing: Emanat

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