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Join Image Snatchers in a five-day workshop from 13 to 17 November 2016, where we will snatch what’s strange, weird, voluptuous, or carnal out of the images that fire our imagination. The workshop is hosted by the members of the collective Image Snatchers, who will, each in their own way and with their own snatching tools, help you create your own tehnoburlesque act.  For more information about the workshop, read below.
On 17 November, the new Image Snatchers will appear at the usual time and the usual place together with you, the new members of the image-snatching gang. What’s lost, cannot be retrieved, and each technoburlesque is slightly different. We are already rolling out the welcome mat!

Detailed description of the workshop

Mathilde Buns: Body and its instrument

I could say I am musically ignorant. But I love drums. I love slamming drums. I love listening to drums. I just love how powerful they sound.
Let's make a band together. Bring a musical instrument or whatever produces sound. Let's rethink what inspires us regarding this instrument. How should it be played? Why did we choose this specific instrument to play? What “costume” we desire to wear while playing it? These are few of the many questions we are going to try to answer and maybe jam together in the end. Or make a solo performance. Options are endless…

Tristan Bargeld: Let it out, spit it out, laugh it out loud

Let's sing, let's play with the lyrics, let's change the voice and tell our version of the story! Yes, let it out, spit it out, laugh it out loud! In the workshop, I will take over the vocal warm-up, inviting you to open yourself to your voice (and your other voice and your other voice) and explore its different aspects and potentials. We will continue working by re-writing some of your favourite or most hated songs in order to play with the pre-existing content, subvert the message, change the music genre, etc. Or just sing badly. That is also an option, which we usually forget!

Crucial Pink: Remixed

As a producer of electronic music, I am inviting you on a short excursion through various approaches to music editorial at techno-burlesque. For example, a popular song, which is already saying something to the spectator and putting the burlesque number in its own context, can be changed into our own remix, a cover, perhaps a dance version, which makes it closer to the body of the contemporary spectator. We will also take a look at the techniques that make such remixes possible.

Mad Jakale: Parody of the Original

Choose a character, a (famous) person, a story. Create a solo act, dress up, dance, tell, be what you want to be, choose your questionable original. In the workshop, we will mimic, redo, try out, subvert and parody this original. Bring with you whatever may/will be helpful: music, text, costume, picture, prop…
Warming up with disco dancing!

Rebellious KITCH Controversy: The Political Potential of Drag and Queer Aesthetics

Since its beginnings in 2013, Image Snatchers have been experimenting with the forms of burlesque and cabaret, including the political dimension of these forms. By doing that they – among other things – use the methods of drag and queer aesthetics, meaning a specific dress code, which changes the identity of the performer, especially in terms of changing gender but also race or class. Most often, changing to another sex, i.e. from male to female or from female to male, is not there only to entertain and humour, but it usually has an important political dimension, with which it questions normalized gender roles that generate hierarchy in the patriarchal capitalist society. Consequently, it opens the questions of race and class. Rebellious KITCH Controversy will contribute a short lecture on the political potential of the drag and queer aesthetics with examples such as Vaginal Davis, Divine, Liad H. Kantorowitcz as well as from the practice of Image Snatchers.

HPD: “it’s under the sheets”

(“é por baixo dos panos” Ney Matogrosso)
During the workshop, I would like to invite participants to work and create acts of burlesque and cabaret by recurring to a method of dialogue between performers and witnesses. It would start by a type of exercise based on “feed backing”. What does one’s simple presence already “carry” without doing any specific thing? What if adding some other element on stage (such as another person, an object, a costume, music…) turns upside down the first impressions on this “simple” presence? Perhaps there is a lot to search in the things we may do or represent that escapes our awareness? In other words, to use the part of our presence we are the least conscious of... With the help of all participants, I would like to dig, out of a game-like strategy, an approach that would use our own personal “container” (of references, specific tastes and so forth…) in order to find new possible acts of subversion on stage.

Practical informations

Where and when

Klub Gromka, Metelkova

Sunday, 13.11. ->  11am - 15pm
Monday, 14.11. -> 10.30am - 14.30pm
Tuesday, 15.11. -> 10.30am - 14.30pm
Wednesday, 16.11. -> 10.30am - 14.30pm
Thursday, 17.11. -> od 10.30am - 14.30pm and the rest of the day to be confirmed
Thursday, 17.11. -> ob 9pm performance Image Snatchers and workshop participants


The number of participants is limited, as we will mainly work individually. Please, send your application with a short CV and a few lines about what you would like to work on in the workshop. No prior burlesque experience is required.
Send applications until 8 November 2016 to


Participation fee for five days is € 50,00.


Organisation: Tatovi podob / Emanat
Financial support: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS
Partner: Klub Gromka




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