Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj :... and call me Antonia


Nina Fajdiga & Jasmina Križaj: ... in kliči me Antonija /... and call me Antonia foto/photo: Nada Žgank


In the new performance ... And Call Me Antonia, the authors thematise through movement the figure of the female body in today’s pop culture, which is bereft of all personality and emotion and is represented only as an object of desire. The desire itself arises from observation of her power, which can be perceived but is actually absent, and not form the power that is expressed. The female body is an idea, an object, given to be judged and evaluated.

The ambience of a peep show places the viewer in the role of a voyeur, while the performers rely on extravagant behaviour in order to attract the viewer’s attention.

The performance … And Call Me Antonia  is a continuation and development of the performance HabitsAreWorthBeingFanaticalAbout (HAWBA) by Fajdiga and Križaj, which was first presented in 2007.


Concept: Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj 
Choreography and performance: Jasmina Križaj, Nina Fajdiga, Clarice Braga Barbosa Lima, Leila McMillan 
Advising: Maja Delak 
Light design: Urška Vohar 
Costumes: Urša Recer 
Fotography: Nada Žgank 
Executive production: Petra Hazabent 


Produced by: Emanat 
Partners and co-producers: City Museum Ljubljana, Art Gallery Maribor, Plesna Izba Maribor, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht 
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia, Ljubljana City Municipality – Department of Culture

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