Open call for performance research


Studio 103, Emanat

The Exquisite Corpse: open call for performance research of a young artist** (contemporary dance, performance) in 2023


Applications are closed.


We are inviting young creative performers who live and create in Slovenia to apply for artistic research in 2023. We will select one research proposal in 2023 and, depending on the applications received, a possible second research for 2024.

We are looking for a research proposal that the creator would carry out in a period of 5-6 weeks between September 10 and December 20, 2023. The work will take place in Studio 103 of the Emanat Institute in Šiška and for a week at the residence in the premises of La Visiva in Barcelona (from 3 until December 10, 2023). Location or the venue and form of the public presentation is a matter of later agreement. The creator should be free for research and residency work during the stated term (the term of the residency is fixed, the rest of the work will be done by agreement).

We will be looking for research that is less demanding in terms of execution, technology and finances, as we want to focus on the research of performance language. We will support the selected research with financial resources (6.500€), organization and coordination of preparation and research in 2023 with the possibility of upgrading the research into a project in the following year. In joint agreement and planning, the creator will invite a mentor to the research, with whom they will be in dialogue during the entire period of work. We will document the research and inform about the progress and presentation through our promotional channels.


The application should contain files named with your name and description (eg: Name_Surname_biography or Name_Surname_data or Name_Surname_description):

  • basic information about the applicant: name, surname, date of birth, permanent (temporary) address, telephone number, email address, status (self-employed in culture, unemployed, employed, student...)
  • a short and clear content concept/question of the reported research and a brief description of the work or methodological approach in developing the project
  • references of the author (education, previous work of art, links to the two most representative works of art - video recordings and maximum three photos of previous work, references from other fields)

Upload applications to the cloud up to and including June 5, 2023. Upload application files at the following link: (each uploaded file should have your name and content visible in the name). We are available for additional information and clarifications at We will consider timely and complete applications. We will notify all applicants of the decision by June 20, 2023 at the latest.

*Dance-performative research The Exquisite Corpse is a part of Emanat's projects by young (but not exclusively) authors, dedicated to the research of performative stage language. The dance-performative research aims at breaking the concentration of creative processes focused only on the product to direct them instead especially toward the development of a performing language and a reflection on the WHAT and HOW in the making of a solo performance. We will carry out at least one public presentation with free use of the surrealistic principle of the game "cadavre exquis" to reflect on the structure of the presentation, on the development of the performance language, or on the methodology of the work that is being developed in the research.

**Preference will be given to female authors (cis, trans and intersex authors) and non-binary pearsons.