Gregor Luštek (SI): Hearing dance

The workshop is based on developing three principles: That's it. Nothing more; Three roles; and Gibberish.

Gregor Luštek Arhiv/archive: Gregor Luštek


The five-day dance workshop will consist of working on three principles:

That's it. Nothing more: Nothing is given any kind of extra value.

Three roles: Spectator, observer, performer. What does each of the roles contain, what is its focus, and how are the roles related?

Gibberish: is a made-up, repetitive language used as an acting technique or a tool for observing the body in different emotional situations and states. It requires from the dancers on stage an ongoing presence of their intention to move. The process is largely grounded in intuition; instead of her body, the dancer’s personality stands out, which – because it is using words – no longer communicates with the environment, but needs a new, made-up language that is extremely physical. It is not so much about the process of choreographing, but about searching for conditions of a situation that coexist in space and time and make possible – through the made-up language gibberish – that movement is heard, the body is listened to, and the moment seen. When the choreography starts resonating, the spectator no longer looks at it, but starts hearing it.


Gregor Luštek was born in Novo mesto. He graduated at the Faculty of Sport. In his work, he blends different dance techniques: ballet, Cunningham, Horton, Limon, and release techniques, jazz ballet, partnering, and contact improvisation. The guiding principle of his expression is soft and at once athletic movement. An acclaimed contemporary dancer, Gregor has collaborated with key initiators and founders of contemporary dance art in Slovenia. He works closely with contemporary dancer and choreographer Rosana Hribar; they often collaborate with other contemporary dance choreographers or they choreograph (for) one another. They were awarded the Trdina Plaque of the City of Novo mesto for their work, Župančič Award by the City of Ljubljana, and many international awards for choreography. His motto is: the body speaks, it should be listened to.


The workshop will take place at PSEGSL / SVŠGL, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A.




Program was proposed in collaboration of two programmes: Agon and Practicum in Contemporary Art

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