Author's Portrait: Meg Stuart


INK - Gradsko kazalište Pula will host the American choreographer, director and dancer Meg Stuart between 6 and 8 June as part of the Portrait of the Author project in Pula. As part of this visit, there will be a masterclass, her performance All the Way Around, a series of films at Kinu Valli and talks.

Meg Stuart has been active on the international performing scene for thirty years and represents a creative force that moves freely between dance, theatre and visual arts. Her creativity, characterized by constant dialogue with artists from various fields, explores dance as a source of healing and a way of transforming the social fabric.

Zavod Emanat invited three performers Leon Marič, Jasmina Križaj and Anja Bornšek to participate in the masterclass and other program. Masterclass will be closed for the public, but other program is freely accessible.

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 ⟶ Program:

6.6., 16-20h Knowing and Not Knowing, masterclass closed type, Malo rimsko kazalište Pula

7.6. 8 p.m. Video by Meg Stuart: The Lobby, Intermission, Overtime, The Clock, Shelf Life, Kino Valli, Pula

7.6., 9 p.m. People in The Room, talk by artist Meg Stuart, Klub & Knjižara Giardini 2, Pula

8.6., 8 p.m. Meg Stuart and Doug Weiss in collaboration with Marian Carvalho: All the Way Around, Istarsko narodno kazalište - Gradsko kazalište Pula

8.6., 21:30 Grandstand - Meg Stuart and Iva Nerina Sibila, Istarsko narodno kazalište - Gradsko kazalište Pula