dvidevat: Pulse Defusion


dvidevat: Pulse Defusion Oblikovanje / Design: Tina Ivezić

Price: 15 €


Jera Topolovec has been signing as dvidevat for the third year. During this time, she has become one of the most sought-after names on the local electronic music scene through her persistent work as a DJ and electronic music producer. Since her first track was released on the Access Frame compilation: Equity (Kamizdat, July 2020) and the split EP 068/078-1 with her colleague Nulla (Kamizdat, March 2021), Jera Topolovec became more involved in cultural and production work within the MENT Festival, K4 Club and the techno collective KNAUF, Mladinsko Theatre (her academic work focused on contemporary theatre soundscapes), Centre for Creativity, United We Stream platform and various festivals, while also taking a step forward in her work as an original producer. Since the release of the split EP 068/078-1, she has performed almost 30 shows amongst which are Butik Festival, Keep in Mind Festival, Pulvers, Drops Festival, Red Dawn, Ment
Ljubljana, ŠTROM x Capsule Berlin, Tresk Festival #13, Radio Študent 53rd Birthday, Spider Festival, Street Art Festival and others. She has being active as a member of the KNAUF collective and in 2021 she was selected as a resident at the radio show DJ Seansa on Radio Študent. Earlier this year, she released her first solo EP Idle Infection at Honest Work Recordings and Pulse Defusion rounds off her most productive year so far. The four new tracks are the electronic musician's contribution to an original transformation of the Detroit electro sound, enriched by layering melodies and genre twists, and the result of her exploration of modular sonic syntheses.


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Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence www.creativecommons.com/licence


dvidevat · music, mix
Wave Terminal · mastering
Tina Ivezić · design
Ida Hiršenfelder · liner notes
Katja Kosi · proofreading, translation
Luka Prinčič, Luka T. Zagoričnik · executive production
Andrej Pervanje · production assistance, promotion

With special thanks to Bojan Georgievski


Financially supported by City of Ljubljana
Media support: Radio Študent

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