Pre-Premiere '07: The Unbearable Lightness of Being


Pred-premiera '07: Neznosna lahkost bivanja foto/photo: Jaka Babnik


"Dance is derived from life itself, it is nothing more than a whole activity of the human body. However, an activity that is transferred to the existance, in a kind of space and time, which is not quite the same as the time and space of practical, everyday life ... Our products are creative, move-mental  verbal. They are retrospective of unbearable lightness of being. They are relations between persons whose life adventures are suitable for every topic books, films, performances ... Everything we have done with some kind of higher, more beautiful meaning, was recorded in our poetic memory and from all of this the dance was created - stage event of our thoughts and bodies. From the heart we will write the story of life, which will be on stage told by our feet. "
Anja Srdoč, dijakinje 3.h


Performed by: Students of SVŠGL (Pre-School Education and Grammer School - contemporary dance department)
Artistic guidance: Maja Delak
Pedagogues and mentors: Alja Cerar, Maja Delak, Tina Eder Dobaj, Damaas Mitras Thijs, Petra Pikalo, Andreja Rauch, Kjara Starič, Nataša Tovirac, Kaja Valenti, Urška Vohar 
Costumes: Nadja Bedjanič
Hair-styling: Srednja frizerska šola Ljubljana


Production: Emanat
Executive producer: Karla Železnik
Co-production: Cankarjev dom, Pre-School Education and Grammer School - contemporary dance department
Financially supported by: City Municipality Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS

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