Dance Solos 2010


4.h, 2009/10 foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


In the year 2010, in addition to the Pre-Premiere ’10, the final dance production of all students of the dance module at the PSEGSL, on iniciative by Maja Delak, we prepared and for the first time presented the work of the fourth year’ students. The students have prepared short dance solos in connection to the theme To See and/or Be Seen, discussed in the third essay in John Berger’s book Ways of Seeing, which is also the topic of the final production. In their solo creations, the students investigate the selected theme and develop their own contents. 

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1. Tina Runko: ŽENSKA / Woman
music: Colline (Everyone alive wants answers)

2. Maja Slanc: ŽENSKA / Woman
music: Nathan Larson-Aviva Pastoral (Lullaby - Aviva's and Henrietta's Theme

3. Sara Jelen: SAMOSVOJA/TVOJA /Independent/Yours

4. Gabrijela Zupan: NEPOPOLNO/POPOLNO / Incomplete/Complete
music: Linkin Park (In the End)

5. Mojca Sovdat: PROJEKT JAZ / Project I
music: Paco de Lucia (Entre dos aguas), Princess Superstar (I'm so out control), Prima J (Rock Star)

6. Leon Marič: PRESTOP / Going Over

7. Barbara Vuzem: OMEJENO / Limited
music: Steve Reich (Piano D-Note Phased and Confused Mix)

8. Neža Hribar: INDUSTRIJA LEPEGA / Industry of Beautiful

9. Staša Usnik: JAZ STAŠA SEM / I Staša Am
music: Disco Bitch: C'est beau la bourgeoisie

10. Ana Romih: MOJ OREH / My Nut
music: Alva Noto

11. Jan Rozman: Z OČMI DRUGEGA / With the Eyes of Others
music: Paul Kalkbrenner (Queer Fellow)

12. Kristina Šinigoj: LUČ/ Light
music: Apocalipto soundtrack (Frog Darts)

* * *
Maša Repovž: BEG PRED RESNICO (performance was canceled!)


Performed by 4th year students of the PSEGSL in the study year 2009/2010: Neža Hribar, Leon Marič, Ana Romih, Jan Rozman, Sara Jelen, Tina Runko, Mojca Sovdat, Staša Usnik, Gabrijela Zupan, Barbara Vuzem, Kristina Šinigoj, Maja Slanc 

Artistic guidance:  Maja Delak 
Light design: Urška Vohar
Executive production: Sabina Potočki
Office: Nina Janež


Produced by: Emanat and Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana 
Partner: Bunker Institute, The Old Power Station Ljubljana 
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality Ljubljana - Department for Culture

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