Post-Graduate Gathering 2009


Post-maturantsko srečanje 2009 foto/photo: Nada Žgank


Along with the now already traditional event Avant-Premiere, intended for the presentation of the students of the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana (PSEGSL) – module contemporary dance, this year for the first time held at the Old Power Station and also appearing in the Delavski dom in Trbovlje, the Emanat Institute organizes, in coproduction with the Dance Theatre Ljubljana, the first evening of former students of the PSEGSL.
Emanat Institute invited six generations of the School’s graduates who completed their studies from 2003 to 2008 to participate with their dance contributions in the artistic evening entitled P.G.G. (Post-Graduate Gathering). The evening is conceived as a platform for the presentation of artistic development and achievements of those students who continued with their study of contemporary dance at home or abroad. The presentation is a pilot project, which was in the year 2009 unfortunately not supported by the major co-financer, namely the Municipality of Ljubljana. Consequently, the original concept of the presentation was somewhat re-worked and brought to the format of a public presentation of short choreographies of five former students of the PSEGSL, with a dance solo of the third-year student of the programme. 

The evening P.G.G. will be presented in the frame of the project DANCELAB (research, experiment) – dance laboratory in the field of contemporary performing arts. The project was conceived in 2000 by the Dance Theatre Ljubljana with an aim to provide to the dancers of younger generations the space for experimenting, research, education, risk, observation and dialogue. 


Sam o sebi s seboj 
dance performance
Concept: Jan Rozman, Saša Lončar
Choreography and supervising: Saša Lončar
Performing: Jan Rozman, Drejc Pogačnik
Music: Drejc Pogačnik, Dejan Osterman
Costumes: Tina Pavlin
Advising: Matej Kejžar
Light design: Urška Vohar
Photography: Aljoša Korenčan, Matija Lukić


Tuba, ulica in balon
dance performance
Concept and choreography: Ajda Tomazin
Performing: Ajda Tomazin, Rožle Kadunc (tuba) 

dance solo
Concept, choreography and dance: Marcela Horvat

''I took myself'' (''Vzela sem sebe'')
dance solo
Concept, choreography and dance: Evin Hadžialjević

dance-theatre performance
Idea and concept: Mirta Zajc, Miha Rodman
Performers: Jernej Gašperin, Klemen Janežič, Maruša Majer, Nina Pertot, Miha Rodman, Vito Weis, Mirta Zajc 

dance performance
Concept, choreography and dance: Anja Gluvić
Songs and recitation: Tomaž Ivič, Borut Petkovšek

Prostor za tri 
dance trio
Concept, choreography and dance: Evin Hadžialjević, Ajda Tomazin, Mirta Zajc


Authors: Jan Rozman, Mirta Zajc, Evin Hadžialjević, Ajda Tomazin, Anja Gluvić, Marcela Horvat, Miha Rodman


Production: Emanat , Plesni Teater Ljubljana  
Light design: Team 
Project coordination and executive production: Sabina Potočki (Emanat) and Sinja Ožbolt (PTL)
With the support of: Maja Delak, Petra Pikalo and PTL team. 


Photo Gallery: Nada Žgank/Memento

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