Exquisite Corpse /Branc/


Izbrano telo / The Exquisite Corpse /Branc/ Foto / Photo: Iva Suhadolnik Gregorin

The dance-performative research project Exquisite Corpse is part of a series of projects by young (though not necessarily) authors produced by Emanat that explore stage language. The aim of these explorations is to break the concentration of creative processes that focus exclusively on the product and redirect them towards the development of performing language and a reflection on the issues of WHAT and HOW in relation to artistic creation. At least one public presentation will be performed using freely the surrealist play principle of the “cadavre exquis” (the exquisite corpse) to reflect on the structure of the presentation, the development of the performative language or the working methodology developed through the research process.


Mimesis is a working title of a movement and performance research which deals with the wants and urges of the performer first and starts with the question: “What is the engine of my desire and how can I ignite it?”. It searches for what the body on stage wants and consequently, what the spectator wants and finally how they experience it together.

Conceptually, the research deals with the notion of “wanting”, more specifically with “I want”, less explicitly with “I wish”. The research aims to approach the subjective experience of desire and the question of its authenticity. It delves into the fact that even the most intimate aspects of our identity can be radically co-shaped by others. The movement practice employed in this exploration adopts a sensory approach, relinquishing control to the body—a reservoir of information and potential insights into the secrets of individual desire. This process serves to heighten the performer's awareness and challenges them to perceive themselves both within and beyond the boundaries of their skin, the boundaries between the inside and the outside.

Through her work, the author explores her human form placed inevitably in front of the audience and places the audience in various roles that enable the exchange and co-shaping of the
perspectives among the present. Instead of conveying explicit meaning, the intention is to recognize and resonate.

Alja Branc (1994) is a dancer, performer and maker working between Slovenia and Hungary. She started her education in contemporary dance at the Preschool Education, Grammar School and Performing Arts Grammar School in Ljubljana and continued it at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. During her studies she created two frequently performed miniatures Venusian (2017, co-author) and Manufacture of Immoral People (2018) and after graduation Dimensions of Encounter (2021, co-author). Last year she created her first full-length performance Don’t Do, Try! (2022), which the group is still performing. Alja collaborates with various Slovenian and Hungarian artists. Creating together and sharing creative processes is a source of deep inspiration for her to continue working and researching in the field of dance, sharing the science and passion of working with movement.


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Research, movement: Alja Branc
Mentoring: Anja Bornšek, Maša Radi Buh
Music: Pattantyús Balázs
Light design: Aljaž Zaletel
Photo documentation: Nada Žgank
Video documentation: Damjan Delak


Production: Emanat
Co-production residency: La Visiva (Spain)
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS

Previous events

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