Alja Branc: Corporal Espionage


Performance Corporal Espionage began as an exploration of desire and manifests as a mission to uncover the self-conspiracy to know a body beyond the usual identifications. It departs from the organic approach of understanding a body through anatomical weapons and gravitational conflict.

The author goes undercover in an investigation that fragments her self-perception and feeds on her doubts and dysmorphias. She will endure the lingering frustration of having two pairs of limbs desperately attached to the torso. The mission demands that she rejects the binary truths of left and right, the spatial notions of up and down and the volumetric constraints of front and back. She will calculate combinations of directions and deem them meaningless until the body itself offers new definitions. She shifts shapes to get to the bottom of this performance and allows references to create meanings she did not intend to portray.

The call is coming from inside the house!


Concept and performance: Alja Branc
Outside eye: Jan Rozman
Music and sound design: Sahareya
Light design: Veronika Hana Grubič
Technical support: Omar Izmail (CK Španski borci)
Promo photos: Iva Suhadolnik Gregorin
Photo documentation: Nada Žgank
Video documentation: Luka Prinčič
Executive production: Sabrina Železnik


Production: Emanat
Co-organisation: Center kulture Španski borci
Financial support: Slovenian Ministry of Culture and City of Ljubljana

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