Premiere of What If performance


Maja Delak: Kaj če foto/photo by: Nada Žgank
Emanat, Institute for affirmation and development of contemporary dance is starting the new season with a premiere of a solo What If in choreography and performance by Maja Delak, a winner of Prešeren Fund Award 2010 and this year award of Liberal Academy Golden Bird.

In solo performance What If Maja Delak will research the  embodiment of tentative positions while practicing  various prescribed and recommended lifestyles that violate our everyday and dictate our way of being. The perormance is and physical and audio construct a polyvalent language, juxtaposing autobiographical anecdotes and texsts.


Created and performed by: Maja DelakMusic: Luka PrinčičTexts: Saša Rakef, Maja Delak  / Dramaturgy: Katja Čičigoj Scenography:  Irena PivkaCostumes: Urška Recer  / Programming: Jakob Leben, Luka Prinčič Light design: Urška Vohar Graphic design: Saša Kerkoš Translations: Katja Kosi, Nataša ŽivkovićPhotographer: Nada ŽgankExecutive producers: Saša Rakef, Nina Janež

Production: EmanatCo-production: Festival City of Women, Dance Theater LjubljanaIn collaboration: Bunker / Old Power StationPartner: Dance and nonverbal theater Festival Svetvincenti, Mediterranean Dance CenterFinancial support: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana

We are kindly inviting  you to the premiere on 3rd October 2013 at 9pm and on the re-rune on 4th October 2013. Bothe performances are part of City of Women Festival and are taking place in Old Power Station in Ljubljana.

At the same time we are announcing a French premiere in Marseille on 3rd November 2013 at 7.30pm in MuCEM.

More informations: Emanat, Mesto žensk or