Ho Ho Ho!


Tatovi podob / Image Snatchers Foto / Photo: Nada Žgank

Good three men and lights should not distract you from what really matters in December. You are welcome to hang out at Emanat's performances and events!

The "Hormonal Perturbator in Decay" will herald the arrival of the savior at the begginig of this month in the performance Image Snatchers: The lives and deaths of HPD. The performances will be repeated in Maribor and Ljubljana. Party of the Year, hosted by Image Snatchers is SOLD OUT! However, we have a list of naughty and nice, on which we can put your name and let you know if any reservation is released. Contact us at info@emanat.si. Jan Rozman will perform Thinging in Španski borci in a double bill with Rita Góbi: VOLITANT. Matija Ferlin will start preparing for new challenges in next year after performing Antigone in Varaždin. Jitakami v.2018  by Luka Prinčič is also expected to be repeated at the end of December. More information coming soon!
If you want to start with your New Year's resolutions early, come to the Practicum in contemporary dance art, which takes place at the PSEGSL Dance and Theater Center. And if you want to put something under the christmas tree, gift someone a book or music.