A tumultuous year in expiry, deserves a correspondingly tumultuous closing ceremony


Tehnoburleska Tatovi podob / Technoburlesque Image Snatchers Foto/ Photo: Aleš Rosa

As written in the title by Mr. Magdalenca, it is time to tumultuou expectations for the last time in this year and satisfy them with contents that tickle your hearts, stomachs or brains. Join us at events  before the end of 2021 ... premiere trans.fail/ desktop, REČI REČI on tour in Berlin, New Year's edition of Tehnoburlesqe  Images Snatchers, Practicum of Contemporary Dance Art and Voice workshop.

For information and ticket reservations, write to us at info@emanat.si, click on https://tix.emanat.si/, and ask us about using BON21.