Irena Tomažin - Voice workshop

Irena Tomažin: VOICE WORKSHOP 

regular weekly workshop 

Wednesday's in autumn from 5pm to 7.30pm:
October: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
November: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
December: 7th, 14th

January-December 2011 
each Wednesday 5pm -7.30pm; Cepetka studio (JSKD), 
Cankarjeva 5, Ljubljana


40 EUR per month (4 x 2,5 hours)

Applications:  or:
Voice has many bodies, the body has many voices. Thus, they are never left one without the other. Height depends on how low one stands, deepness on how high one's imagination can fly. How do you feel that you are in tune? You feel it as something vibrating between the ribs when someone else is singing. A bit higher or a bit lower. Depending on the body you are in. Depending on which voice you sing in, in which voice you hear... Another way of feeling it is that you feel nothing – because you are no longer there, the whole of you is in the singing. When you forget your lines, you are knocking on the doors of improvisation, innovation, or some other iiii, which you, thank song, have forgotten. When you are out of tune, you are out. Still, within this you may hear a voice, which escapes you and wants to play with you. If you have a text, but not yet a melody, simply place yourself in silence and listen to it until your humming seduces the rhythm to bite your body. You need to have courage to hear yourself. Do not hesitate, open the door and start playing.
In the end of the daaaaaaaaaay, singing is (just) singing... Irena Tomažin

Irena Tomažin is a dancer and singer. Until now, she has created five performances and has collaborated with many Slovenian directors, choreographers and musicians. Her dance-theater and voice education she gathered in dance-theatre, in programs such as Laboratorij of EN-KNAP; the educational program Agon of EMANAT; in the contemporary performing arts seminars of Maska Ljubljana, as well as in many workshops and seminars in Slovenia and abroad. In 2004, she received a scholarship from the Dance Web program in the frame of the ImPulzTanz festival, and in 2007, she was selected by Atelier of workshops and creation in Wroclaw, organized by the Grotowski Institute. She has her own project for voice and dictaphones entitled iT, which she has performed at many festivals at home and abroad. She collaborated with Bast Kolektiv of Aldo Ivančič in the recording of the cd Retinal Circus, as well with many different musicians. She participates in the experimental improvised music workshops organized by Tomaž Grom and gives a voice workshop. For her performances Caprice and caprice (re)lapsed, she received the Golden Bird Award of the Liberal Arts Academy. She is also a postgraduate student of philosophy.