BOOK = EVENT + CIP takes you to the concert


KNJIGA = DOGODEK / BOOKE = EVENT Oblikovanje / Design: Nika Lapkovski

Slovenian theater publishers + concert + dance music

- Books at discounted prices
- With CIP to a surprise concert / band
- DJ set / open dance floor

Indor - Presentations of book novelties (inter and active)
We will present:
► Maska: Marc Augé: Praise to the Wheel
► MGL Library: Alain Badiou: Rhapsody for Theater
► SLOGI: Actress with a pencil in hand, a selection from the diaries of Alja Tkačev
► EMANAT: The Community of Emancipated Thoughts and Bodies: Methodologies of Recording Slovenian Authors of Contemporary Dance 2

The Slovenian Theater Publishers Network was established with the aim of connecting Slovenian publishers who publish professional literature in the field of performing arts. Initially, we performed together in order to achieve greater visibility at major publishing events, such as the Slovenian Book Fair and Slovenian Book Days, but eventually we became more aware of the fact that despite the specifics of our publishing programs, we are bound by content and production similarities. as well as a common reading audience. We are especially united by the publishing policy with which we often introduce invisible, marginal and niche contents into the space, which, with populisms of all kinds, are struggling to survive and with their persistence contribute greatly to the wider publishing landscape. There is certainly something fundamentally political about this.

There is certainly something fundamentally political about this. We are also united by the special feature that none of our publishing houses is exclusively engaged in publishing books, as they operate under the auspices of institutes and institutions that are not only engaged in publishing, but also in production, archiving and festival and pedagogical activities in the field of performing arts. . Our mutual cooperation is increasingly intertwined in terms of content, and in this rapprochement we still maintain fundamental mutual diversity, as we see a common future in separate strategic discussions of the heterogeneity of stage practices and their interdisciplinary connections.

Conceptual design: Petra Pogorevc and Alja Lobnik

Production: Network of Slovenian Theater Publishers: Maska Ljubljana, MGL Library, Emanat, SLOGI - Slovenian Theater Institute