Talk no. 4: Nina Meško - Jasmina Založnik

about embracing different strategies used by the artist to develop her work

Nina Meško, Jasmina Založnik foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


As an independent dance activities adviser at the Public Fund for Cultural Activities, Nina Meško currently primarily detects and supports creativity of younger generations. If we understand choreography in its wider sense, we could say that Nina Meško’s work is first of all a continuum; however, we could also grasp it with the notion of an open work. The focus of this talk will be to embrace different strategies used by the artist to develop her work and to establish connections between two choreographic, or better, curatorial positions.


Nina Meško works in the area of contemporary dance art – until 2007 as an independent artist/choreographer, since 2007 as an independent dance adviser. She has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer for over a decade. Her independent projects (Watching Alice, 13 Hours in April, Little School of Flying, Deep Show, What a Feeling, The State of Things) exhibit a well-articulated conceptual structure and a strong interest in experimentation. As an independent adviser, Nina devises different events and educational programmes, with which she aims to further develop dance creativity of children and youth and ensure professional competences of their mentors in all regions of Slovenia.

Jasmina Založnik is active in the cross-section of theory and practice of performing arts. She is a PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of Aberdeen, dramaturge, curator, writer, and producer in the area of contemporary performing arts. Her primary areas of interest are the questions of politics, aesthetics, and subjectivity. In 2015 Jasmina was the recipient of the Ksenija Hribar Award.

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