IDOCDE network meeting

idocde is an exchange and reflection platform through a documentation process. Teaching is the theme. The aim is developing documentation modes and habits in relation to the idocde website. Our vision for Stolzenhagen was to meet and exchange with our peers, and to find and practice feasible methods of documentation.

IDOCDE Stolzenhagen foto/photo by: Luka Prinčič

Goals for the week

  • to create 2 finished idocs 
  • to review already done idocs, and to rework them if necessary
  • to find one (or more!) „buddy“ for ongoing support in documentation
  • to find and comment on several inspiring idocs
  • to review and finish your profile
  • to be comfortable using the website

At the heart of the schedule are dance classes every morning: to take part and to document in every possible way – to both practice hands on documentation and to publish exemplary contemporary dance classes.


The idea of the performance installation „Vexations“ at Ponderosa and the idocde pilot project idea were born in conjunction! It is the opportunity to meet all other key teachers in a moving context. Vexations is a set up at the core of „transmission of dance“ and links artistic practice and education.


1) local group intro with mentor: Your mentor introduces schedule, options, visions to your group. The local groups decide where and when to do this at their arrival.

2) Tutorials: These are introductions to the website: General, video/media and tips & tricks. If you plan on attending, take the earliest tutorial possible after arriving in order to avoid tutorial crowds on Monday night and Tuesday. Each tutorial can host about 20 people!

3) Walking and talking Check out the 20 minute walk around the Burgwall. More details on the schedule board on site. Gather a few people you don’t know and find out a bit more about them in a walk and talk.

4) Check in & hello: Any questions? Or even confusion? Or desire to see who else is here?  Here you can connect, ask and be curious.

5) Welcome circle: short and sweet. The one opportunity now to meet the entire group! Please join us!

6) Class 0-12:

Use the classes to practice different methods of documentation, as a starting point to discuss best practices of teaching, to learn what you want to learn as a dance educator.

All classes include 15 minutes of organizing and setting up documentation issues in the beginning and the end - make interview dates, get cameras to work, ask for help, distribute group documentation roles.

The goal is to document every class in any possible way (writing, audio, photo, video, graphics, observing...). Not only for the sake of the class, but also as a practice for yourself. We invite you to challenge yourself!

Check the schedule who teaches when, and check the idocde folder „Stolzenhagen“  for class descriptions. Slots for participation are not unlimited, you might be asked to observe and document.

7) Class documentation review groups:  On Thursday evening people who documented the same class meet in a group to make a meaningful combination of class idocs: Sharing and comparing idocs, merge suitable idocs or even erasing idocs if in the context of other idocs it does not make sense to keep yours.

8) Writing together: a space where people work on their idocs next to each other and are open to give and receive verbal support for each other.

9)  One to one: feedback sessions with a fellow key teacher. Just go to the space and see who is there for this „duet“: Share your idoc and ask for feedback and suggestions. If no-one is available in the space, make a deliberate date with someone. More detailed ideas for feedbacking you will find in the “one to one” space.

10) Experimental moving and documenting space: Please post your ideas on what you would like to try out on the wall in the experimental moving and documenting spaces, including a day and time when to do this. So check out these walls regularly and sign up for propositions right there! 

11) Harvest /dialogue: We will be sharing results & ideas that have come up during the day, and will be making plans for next day (i.e. aquiring collaborators for ideas for the next day). We decide together on Wednesday if we want to have a harvest on Thursday.

12) What is an idoc? Mentors and other interested teachers meet to discuss and narrow down guidelines (quality and nature) for idocs. The second meeting is dedicated to defining written guidelines for idocs and putting them on the idocde website.

13) IDOCDE film night:  If you would like to share a short film that is related to dance education & its  documentation, this is an opportunity. The sharing should include a talk / discussion about the film.  Your film can be taken from the idocde website or from elsewhere. If you plan on sharing something, please talk either to Eszter Gal, Iñaki Azpillaga or Charlotte Darbyshire.

14) Wikipedia dance project: Doreen Markert (from the Stolzi team) is involved in Wikipedia and would like to raise the quality of dance related information there. This can be a starting point for collaboration with idocde for interested key teachers.

15) Jam / party / offerings: This can include your local workshop “presents”, or other offerings, informal sharings such as staged discussions, readings etc. of ideas regarding dance education & documentation that took shape during the Stolzenhagen week. (no tech, no prep, informally and improvised). Or we simply hang out and have fun.

16) Local groups meetings One result of local groups seems to be that face to face support and meetings on an ongoing basis will help to ground our own practice of documenting. This is an opportunity to continue this process with your local key teachers group.

17) idoc wrap up Still need some time to finish your idocs or complete some other things for your goals? Now and here is the time!

18) Class 12 On Friday morning the UK key teachers will lead us through a warm up into a more open setting (score) to move together.

Blank spaces in the schedule: We purposely left space in the structure for anyone to initiate more events, such as classes / excerpts of your teaching, discussions etc. You can announce them on the schedule board.


participating: Anja Bornšek, Maja Delak, Andreja Kopač, Kaja Lorenci, Nina Meško, Vita Osojnik, Sinja Ožbolt, Petra Pikalo, Luka Prinčič, Nataša Tovirac

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