Juliette Mapp (US): Kinetic Awareness

This daily dance class will be a special opportunity to begin to understand our unique ways of moving within technical forms. Part bodywork, part technique, and part improvisation, will gently bring the dancer a deeper awareness of whatever moment they are in, within their own personal growth.

Juliette Mapp



This daily dance class will be a special opportunity to begin to understand our unique ways of moving within technical forms. 

Part of class will be spent letting our minds unwind into the specific imagination of our bodies, and cultivating the place where our bodies and minds meet. We will spend time expanding our awareness of the various forces at play within and outside of our bodies. Part of class will be spent working slowly and deeply. During this time, we will explore how to differentiate small subtle movements that are initiated by the short skeletal muscles (so that the larger external muscles may release) from larger movements that take us through space (for which the shorter, deeper muscles can be released). Working on different layers of support and articulation while on the floor will help us expand our dancing within technical forms to expand our range and work as dancers. We will conclude class with a phrase that integrates concepts of weight, lightness, initiation and intention. The merging of observation with conscious attention to physical direction is part of the energizing practice we will explore in each class.


1st week: Improvisation 

We will use the luxury together to investigate different states of movement inspiration cultivated from the blending of our mental and physical imaginations. Class will draw from various approaches into the body via the mind and vise versa. Using imagery of both the body and nature will enable us to let go of and use hidden tensions in the body to respond spontaneously to our environment. Exploring our bodies via anatomical imagery and supporting that with some hands-on partnering will allow us different entry-points into our moving creativity. We will also excavate the many layers of choices that are available to us by seeing deeply into the body so that the unconscious life of movement may blend with a consciousness of our environment. Through this time, we will begin to know some of the many dances, large and small, that our body holds. 

2nd week: Composition 

This workshop is for choreographers and dancers interested in the dance-making process, with the goal of exposing, distilling and amplifying each artist’s individual voice and aesthetic point of view. The class will engage in discourse, both choreographic and verbal, as a means of critical reflection of our own taken-for-granted assumptions about dance and choreography, as well as the assumptions of the traditions in which we each participate. Dancers will be asked to develop palettes of materials - movements, ideas, questions and then to experiment to find strategies of organization so that the material possesses the greatest potency to the dance maker. Points of departure for investigation and discussion include: how the audience builds a theory while watching a dance, how events are framed within a dance, issues of correspondence and dissonance, and participation or non-participation in existing traditions.

3rd week: Personal session 

This will be a unique opportunity for dancers to work one-on-one to expand the consciousness of their own movement potential. Each student will have time to bring in questions, both physical and creative that they are dealing with. There will be time for inquiry into any issues that may come up within the technique, improvisation or composition classes. Hands-on work with Juliette Mapp based on The Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering, Skinner Releasing and Kinetic Awareness will be integrated into the sessions. Part bodywork, part technique, and part improvisation, will gently bring the dancer a deeper awareness of whatever moment they are in, within their own personal growth. 


Juliette Mapp is a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has danced for many choreographers including the John Jasperse Company with whom she worked for 9 years. Juliette received a Bessie Award for her dancing with that company in 2001. She teaches throughout the world and in NYC she regularly appears at Movement Research, Dance New Amsterdam, Trisha Brown Studios and Hunter College. She also makes her own solo and group dances. In April 2005, Juliette premiered her sixth anti war dance, One, a piece for 70 members of the New York dance community and in 2007 she made a new dance piece Anna, Ikea and I, both presented by Dancespace Project at St. Marks Church. 



June 2 to June 20 2008 (Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 4pm) 

Studio location: Hiša veščin, Parmova 25, Ljubljana 

Warm-up (class) from 10am till noon

Workshop 12:30pm – 4pm (each week is a rounded module focusing on one of the below presented themes)


Applications: The latest until May 30: Institute EMANAT, Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, at info@emanat.si  or by telephone: + 386.1.430 57 24 - office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00 am - 3 pm


Reduced fee (applications until May 15):

Entire workshop = 120 €

Normal Fee (after May 15):

Entire workshop = 150 €

One week = 60 €

Individual class (10am to 12pm) = 8 €


Organisation: Emanat Institute

Financially supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture, Ministry for Culture RS

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