Various Artists: Access Frame: Colony


Access Frame: Colony Oblikovanje / Design: Tina Ivezić


Colony is the fifth of the Kamizdat Access Frame compilations for which we invite a selection of artists to create compositions to a specific theme. This year’s theme is colony: cohabitation, multitude of species, a superorganism, sharing and searching for balance in the troubled world.

“Colony unravels a challenging and overarching concept that belongs to the past but still invades every capillary system of our cultural predicament. A colony is not so much a settlement in a particular place, but a mental state, insidious conditioning occupying the mind. It is a legacy of looting dispossessed beings and exploiting the Earth’s riches. In the aftermath of colonialism, any country is just a city of illusions, in which some live with borders, taxes, laws, and regulations and others without any limits or responsibilities to that same territory. We are the colonies of the rich.”
an excerpt from the lines notes by Ida Hiršenfelder

The aftermath is 12 exceptional artists of various electronic and experimental genres with 11 exclusive tracks (Kikiriki’s “Naval Cry” is the only exception), made for the compilation. Colony features an all-female crew of artists with their selected guests (Samo Šalamon and Pim Boreel respectfully), who are specialized in sound art, experimental music, mostly DIY ethos and not conforming to the general sound of pop culture.

Featured musicians:

22nds / ala pecula / beepblip / Kezz / KikimoreKikiriki / Kristina Kočan & Samo Šalamon / Lip Rouge / Muzikačaka / Nastja Janžekovič / rouge-ah / Saša Spačal & Pim Boreel


Limited edition handmade zines with QR cards and the digital album (with “Name Your Price”) will be available from July 14th 2022 through our Bandcamp shop at

Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence


Tina Ivezić · design
Ida Hiršenfelder · liner notes
Luka Prinčič · mastering, executive production, texts
Andrej Pervanje · production, promotion
Luka T. Zagoričnik · production
Sabrina Železnik · promotion
Maruša Hren · printing, zine handmade manufacture


Financially supported by City of Ljubljana

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