Dodecahedragraph: Mixtures and leftovers


Dodecahedragraph: Mixtures and Leftovers

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Mixtures and Leftovers is a sort of a continuation/derivative and at once an anticipation of the self-referential concept behind the 2011 album Motus released by Pharmafabrik Recordings from Ajdovščina, Slovenia. It presents a certain in-between field, a transition, a link between its own history of self-realisation, of a preliminary/transitional moment/record that is translated into a self-immersive and over-recording medium of auto-write/delete, into a re-self-positioned and altered image of the anticipating self-realisation through the sonic contemplation of the organic-mental remnants of the subject's permanent disintegration and the emergence of the transformed patterns of the interior fabric of mental perceptivity. The album presents a fragment of the parcelled out territory of a certain past schema, which at the same time also anticipates a continuation of the past/prior narrative, crossing over the threshold of self-reflection to walk the path of the other-interface, which retroactively in-scribes its temporal dis/locability, outlines it on the map of its own disproportionality of the quilting. The washed up fragments, remnants of sonic mixtures of over-folded wormholes, sediments, and scattered metal offcuts of what was chewed upon and grated over, coalesce into a conglomerate of the preceding-upcoming album.


(side) A
1 - debris of motus_var.1
2 - debris of motus_var.1a
3 - debris of motus_var.1b
4 - chan debris_var.2
5 - chan debris_var2a
6 - chan debris_var2b
7 - whtend leftover_var.3
8 - blckend leftover_var.3a
9 - prpld crossover_var.3b

(side) B
1 - anticipation_var.1
2 - decrepitation_var.1a
3 - discommunication_var.1b
4 - death rattle_var.2
5 - gutwrench_var.2a
6 - skull autopsy_var.2b
7 - wudang_var.3
8 - shifu_var.3a
9 - neijia_var.3b


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