Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič: Wanda & Nova deViator - Dirty Dozen


Dirty Dozen @ Schwelle 7 28.8.2010


Research project Dirty Dozen BodyLab takes place in Berlin from 8. till 28. August 2010 at Schwelle 7. Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič are participating in the project remotely.
As a result of a three-week intensive work (presented on 28. 8. 22pm-1am) Slovene authors inter-connected Ljubljana and Berlin with help of streaming technologies. This was a remote performance questioning contemporary digital communication media and their use in the context of performance. Using self-imaging technologies authors are interested in activation (rather then repression) of the processes of displacement, projection and identification.

During the performance it will be possible to watch direct stream at

Dirty Dozen - crossborder creative collective

Embracing hybridization.
Locating the non centralized power ideologies that form our bodies.
Looking beyond propaganda and standardized forms of representation.
Crossing territories and our otherness.
Assembling, disassembling a puzzle, activating disorientation and ambiguity...
Different ways of seeing and being seen.

Thirteen bodies inhabited Schwelle 7 for a three-week intervention to explore the simultaneous production and subjugation of bodies and the processes that shape bodies as sites of sociopolitical (dis)identification. More specifically, this intervention explores how the body is shaped, along the axes of multiple identity categories, as an effect of dynamic power relations that function to produce the question of the body and the body as questionable. 

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The Dirty Dozen are:
Michel Abdoul / contemporary choreographer, dancer, performer (Paris)
Pascal Baes / independent film maker, multimedia performer (Brussels)
Joao Costa / contemporary choreographer, dancer, performer (Porto)
Maja Delak / contemporary choreographer, dancer, performer (Ljubljana)
Awatef Fettar / independent video artist, dancer, burlesque performer (Algeria, Paris)
Oscar Garcia / independent videomaker, performer (Berlin)
Dusan Pejcic / fi-fu fashion, make-up, performance (Berlin)
Kiril Bikov / independent artist, photographer, performer (Berlin)
Kathleen Reynolds / contemporary choreographer, dancer, performer (Rennes)
Ai Suzsuki / butoh dancer, multimedia performer (Brussels)
Gill Viandier / contemporary choreographer, dancer, performer, (Berlin)
Raphaël Vincent /visual artist, lighting designer (Berlin)
Vero Mota / filmmaker and sound artist (Berlin)
Luka Prinčič / intermedia and sound artist (Ljubljana)


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