Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj & Tina Valentan: Sugar Rush


Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj &Tina Valentan: Sugar Rush


Sugar Rush is a performance project that through the medium of movement and music aims to invoke unbearable sweetness of a shared community - a memory of a paradise that never really existed and yet it is forever lost. 
Although in its initial intention it refers to the collection of imprecise and personal reminiscences of Yugoslavia, the country that was violently wiped from the map of Europe during the last decade of the 20th century, Sugar Rush is not seeking to make political or critical statement on the subject. 
Instead, three dancers/makers (each in its own way and all three of them together) are turning toward their own childhood nostalgia in an effort to purify it into an immediate sensation of irrational exhilaration directly accessible to the spectators, irrespective of their personal or national history. Through their shameless “naivety” expressed as an unstoppable and obsessive desire to dance themselves out of time Tina, Nina and Jasmina are inviting us to reconsider the value of togetherness and shared enjoyment beyond personal memory or collective history even if that requires radical “suspension of disbelief”. 

"I really like it there because everything is perfect and great and extremely good. Everything is beautiful because we can be like this and like that and fat or we can also be skinny and we do not care. Why should we occupy ourselves with who we are and what we are? There is also a lot of sun there and the moon and the stars. Is there also night and day? And a light and a sea and bunnies? Are bunnies there as well? Because bunnies like to have sex. Do they reproduce themselves there? Yes, I think they do." (A fragment from rehearsals) 


Choreography: Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj, Tina Valentan
Performing: Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj, Jernej Jurc, Tian Rotteveel
Music: Jernej Jurc, Tian Rotteveel
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić
Advisor: David Zambrano
Light design: Ellen Knops, Petyr Veenstra
Costumes: Urška Recer
Graphic design: Peter Auguštiner / 3.14 grafx


Production: Emanat in collaboration with SUGAR RUSH group 
Executive producer: Petra Hazabent
Project coordinator: Sabina Potočki
Office: Nina Janež 
Partners: La Caldera Barcelona, Melkweg Theater Amsterdam and Plesna izba Maribor, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Financial support: European Cultural Foundation - ECF 


Sugar Rush, flyer
Sugar Rush, novice
Sugar Rush @ Melkweg

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