This year's »Small Arts« Platform will take place from August 16th to 19th


Platforma »malih umetnosti« Oblikovanje / Design: Špela Drašlar

In 2022, the fifth edition of the festival will take place within the framework of the »Small Arts« Platform. By organizing last year's international symposium, together with experts from Slovenia and abroad, we found that small arts are mostly really small in terms of production, financial and personnel conditions, often address marginalized topics and appear in marginalized spaces. Otherwise, from the artistic and social point of view and the approach to audience development, they are quite large. Therefore, with the platform program this year, we are opening space for not so small or only slightly smaller arts. In addition to the already well-established stage forms of cabaret and neo-burlesque, this year we will also introduce clowning in the contemporary performing arts and physical theater according to Etienne Decroux's principles into the program this year.

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