The other half of the trip around the sun


Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Matthäus Foto / Photo: Aleš Rosa

Dear all,

we are slowly turning into the second half of this year's flight around the sun, for which we packed suitcases, bags and backpacks full of productions, educational and publishing events. The latter will be unpacked in August:

After standing ovations on the European tour and professional reviews of the 'work of genius' type, Matija Ferlin is returning to Ljubljana with a new play Sad Sam Matthäus. It will be on display as part of the international festival of performing arts Mladi levi.

As part of the Mladi levi, together with the Slovenian Theater Publishers network, we will also prepare a pop-up stand where you can browse and buy new editions or past ones at special prices. In the field of publishing, another Kamizdat treat is being prepared, this time by the musician and producer 08080.

PARL, a week-long educational and mentoring program for professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts, is also returning to Ljubljana in August.

The September will also be full of events. You can already hwad to for information about everything that is planned.