Telematic performative experience


Tehnoburleska Tatovi podob / Technoburlesque Image Snatchers Izsek iz videa / Video still

They are shows that are streamed online and are performances that are developed specifically for online.

Among the challenges we the producers of performing arts, specifically contemporary dance face, are certainly the appropriate technical equipment and staff for the online streaming of events. On the other hand, there is also a reflection on what kind of content should be broadcasted and how the audience interacts with it.

Already in the spring, the Emanat Institute opened its video archive to viewers in the form of the regular evening program Emanat TV, with which we took the first step in exploring autonomous online spaces for broadcasting cultural content. During the year, we developed our open source platform Pretok TV, which first allowed us to broadcast short events and concerts, and last December, in cooperation with Cankarjev dom, we tackled a major challenge - the transmission of a full-length show.

Unlike other online video download platforms such as Youtube or Zoom, is based on an open source system using free software solutions. With this, we at Emanat have full autonomy online, and at the same time, our artistic content is safe from being used by freemium public clouds for marketing purposes. From the very beginning, the video chat has been joined by an online chat room, which as an artistic format dates back to 2010, when choreographer Maja Delak and intermedia artist Luka Prinčič started developing the Transmittance project. By adapting existing performances for online transmission, we enable creators to work continuously, and the audience new content and different approaches to interaction with the performing arts.

Next week, in cooperation with the Bunker Institute from the Old City Power Plant - Elektro Ljubljana, we will broadcast two events live. On Monday, 1 February, at 8 pm, there will be a telematic edition of the technoburlesqueImage Snatchers, and on 3 February, at 8 pm, a solo performance by Jan Rozman entitled Thinging. The teams of both shows have been upgrading their video and webcast shows for several weeks now. The team of performances is joined by the webcast team, which, in the cast of the cameraman, technical director, web moderator and director, controls the course of the event. The latter is not only hidden behind the camera, but with its presence it also actively co-creates the online event.

Visitors can secure their place by purchasing a ticket via They will receive a link to the event on the day of the show.