Pre-Summer News


Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Almost 6 Foto /Photo: Nada Žgank

The last spring-summer month is coming, full of various staging and publishing events before the short July lull. Take advantage of them before holiday enjoyment!

In June, we will have two performances of your favorite techno-burlesque Thieves of Images in Maribor and Ljubljana. Within the Slovenian Theater Publishers network, we present ourselves with our partners at several publishing fairs with professional literature in the field of performing arts. This month, Matija Ferlin will perform in three cities - with the performance Sad Sam Lucky in Paris and Zagreb, and with Sad Sam Almost 6 in Karlovac. The Kamizdat team is preparing the release of a new album by the multimedia artist JAŠA, and you will be able to buy the already released albums at the fair organized by the MENT and Tresk festivals.

For information and ticket reservations, write to us at, click on, and you can also use BON21 until the end of June.

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