October at Emanat


Maja Delak: Samo za danes / Just for Today Foto / Photo: Nada Žgank


Don't let those October fogs rush you into premature winter sleep. Join Auntie Autumn at Emanat's events!
In October, there will be repetitions of the Just for today show and the presentation of the research process Also Tomorrow. Matija Ferlin and Antigone will be visiting the Croatian National Theater in Rijeka. HPD will launch a new edition of Image Snatchers Present: The Lives and Deaths of HPD. Kamizdat will release two new albums by post-media artist Saša Spačal and beepblip. "Transversal is a Loop" will be available from October 3and "noise for strings, vol.1." from October 10 onwards.
Children from 3 to 9 years of age can join the Little Danceroom, which takes place at the Ljubljana Puppet Theater.
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