Dinge dingen


Jan Rozman in Julia Keren Turbahn: REČI REČI Foto / Photo: Dan Pikalo

On April 1, choreographers Jan Rozman and Julia Keren Turbahn completed an artistic residency and work process for a new performance for children entitled Things thing at the FELD Theater für junges Publikum in Berlin. Their one-month stay at the FELD theater was part of the "Residenzförderung Tanz 2020/21" pilot project.
The focus of our residency program is the development of  participatory methodology of artistic research with the aim of involving social actors. This can be done through participation projects in which children, young people, adults or senior citizens themselves become artistically active, or through feedback from these actors in the artistic development process. Performances that actively involve the audience - mentally or in action - can also arise from this. More...

Jan's and Julia's project, which was called Plastic Fiction at the beginning of the research and later became Things thing (Dingen dinge ger.), Is based on their joint previous research on object theater in the performance Thinging. In the new project, they continue their interest in objects and question how a person experiences encounters with objects and also how objects from everyday life affect contacts with people and what their coexistence could be like in the future. The pefrormance is intended for children over the age of 6 and will be premiered on April 14 at the Ljubljana Puppet Theater, and in May at the FELD Theater für junges Publikum in Berlin.