Day of the Young


Tehnoburleska Tatovi podob / Technoburlesque Image Snatchers Foto / Photo: Nada Žgank

The imminent end of the season fills us with post-election hope. Join us for spring-inspired events ...

May brings the Yugoslav nostalgic edition of Image Snatchers at Klub Gromka, Luka Prinčič will perform at the V-F-X festival in with the project, and don't miss the Voice Workshops and regular dance classes Praktikum with Nik Rajšek. This month, Performance Thinging is attending the Antistatic Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Kamizdat team is also waking up, and will host the evergreens The Feminalz (Thieves of Images), Luka Prinčič and Kezz for the first time this year at the Kamizdat Rentgen event.

For information and ticket reservations, write to us at, click on, and you can also use BON21 until June.