books at discounted prices • book novelties presentations • dance music • food truck

The book fair of the deviant format book=event returns to Nova pošta at the beginning of the summer. Slovenian theater publishers (Maska, Emanat, MGL Library, Slogi) will be joined this time by the Slovenian Youth Theater and Aksioma. Books will be available for a reduced price, in addition to innovative and performative presentations at the fair, and at the end the podium will be occupied by PTČ - a fresh and daring hip-hop / rap / trap duo, followed by a music set from under the fingers of DJ Modijala. Good food and drink will be provided by the food truck Caminito and Barcaffe.


► 14.00 Opening of the book fair + Presentation of the anthology Petletka (Slovenian Youth Theater)
► 15.30 Presentation of the book by Blandina Calais-Germain: Anatomy of Yoga: Muscles in Yoga (Emanat). Guided yoga practice with Maja Kalafatić.
► 16.00 Presentation of the book On Power in Architecture by Mateja Kurir. Guided architectural bicycle tour of Ljubljana with editor Mateja Kurir, Miloš Kosec, Marko Cetin. The collection point and final station is at Nova pošta. Come with your own or borrowed bike. (Maska)
► 17.30 Presentation of the collection Generator :: for the production of any number of drama complexes, edited by Blaž Lukan (SLOGI). Primož Jesenko will lead the discussion with the editor of the proceedings, Blaž Lukan. Selected excerpts will be read by: Anja Novak and Blaž Šef.
► 19.00 Presentation of the collection Drama, text, font by 2 editors Petra Pogorevc and Tomaž Toporišič (MGL). Reading performance directed by Živa Bizovičar and dramaturgy by Niko Žnidaršič.
► 20.30 House Rules, Mateja Bučar + k000ntejnerji • performance
► 21.00 PTČ l Val Fürst and Pavel Panon Raščan • music
► 22.30 DJ Mondijale • music

Between 14.00 and 21.00, when the book fair of theater publishers will take place, the installation k000ntejnerji by Živa Božičnik Rebec and Mateja Bučar will also be on display.


The Slovenian Theater Publishers Network was established in 2016 with the aim of connecting Slovenian publishers who publish professional literature in the field of performing arts. Initially, we performed together in order to achieve greater visibility at major publishing events, such as the Slovenian Book Fair and the Slovenian Book Days. We are especially united by the role in the field of publishing, we could say that it is a minority position, as theater publishers with their publishing policy often bring invisible, marginal and niche content into space, which with populism of all kinds is struggling to survive with their persistence they make a strong contribution to the state of the wider publishing landscape.


Conceptual design of the event: Alja Lobnik and Petra Pogorevc
Design: Niki Lapkovski
Production: Slovenian theater publishers: Emanat, MGL Library, Maska Ljubljana, Slovenian Theater Institute - SLOGI
Guests: Slovenian Youth Theater, Aksioma
Technical management: Igor Remeta for Nova pošta Production: Tina Dobnik
Video: Asiana Jurca Avci