Publishing fairs


Založniški program zavoda Emanat / Publishing program of Emanat Institute Foto / Photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

The Slovenian Theater Publishers Network, which includes the MGL Library, Maska Ljubljana, SLOGI and Emanat, was established with the aim of connecting Slovenian publishers who publish professional literature in the field of performing arts. At first, we performed together in order to achieve greater visibility at major publishing events, but over time, we became increasingly aware of the fact that we are connected by a common reading audience. We are especially united by the role in the field of publishing - theater publishers with their publishing policy often introduce invisible, marginal and niche content into the space, which is difficult to fight for survival, but with its persistence contributes greatly to the breadth of the publishing landscape. There is certainly something fundamentally political about this.

In August, printed editions of Slovenian theater publishers will be available for viewing and purchase as part of the Mladi levi festival at the festival venue Debatna kafana - Tabor pod kostanji. All previous editions of Emanat will be available at special prices.

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