Maja Delak (SI): Imagery#1

17.01.2011 - 28.01.2011
Dancers, actors, non-professionals, vocalists, video artists, instrumentalists, performers, and all interested in the work are kindly welcome.

Maja Delak (Slovenija): Imaginarij #1 foto/photo: Sabina Potočki


The workshop Imagery #1, given by Maja Delak, presents the start of a research on performative possibilities of affects – the workshop will primarily focus on “shame”. The process is intended to the investigation of possible points of departure for the process of a performance in progress as well as to multiplication of questions to the proposed theme. 


Maja Delak is a choreographer and a dancer. She studied contemporary dance at the CNDC L'Esquisse in Angers, France, and has attended numerous dance seminars led by internationally renowned pedagogues. She was the co-founder of the EN-KNAP Institute and, from 1993 to 2002, was a permanent member of the international dance group En-Knap. She is the head and founder of the High School Program for Contemporary Dance, taught at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School, Ljubljana. In her opus, she traverses numerous worlds and, despite the fact that she has dealt with various themes and has used very different approaches, whirl into an anchorage of her dance poetics, with which she defines the methodologies of contemporary dance. In 2006, Maja Delak established EMANAT Institute, which strives for the affirmation of contemporary dance through the production of performances, a publishing program (Transitions series) and dance education (AGON). In 2010, she won the Prešeren Fund Award, the highest recognition for achievements in the field of art in the Republic of Slovenia for the opus of her last three performances Expensive Darlings (2007), Serata Artistica Giovanile (2008) and Ways of Love (2009).



17-28 January 2011 - Monday-Thursday (8 days), 10am-3pm Wolfy studio, Parmova 25, Ljubljana, SI


The two-week workshop will be held for two consecutive weeks from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm. The workshop is free of charge and intended to a limited number of participants (up to 10).


The workshop is free of charge.


Organisation: Emanat Institute
Financially supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana- Department for Culture